Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, life coach and motivational speaker who has shared his inspiring words in 70 countries and written nine books. Tim has helped guide people, including many celebrities, through some of life’s most difficult circumstances. In this episode Tim reveals how to move forward when your situation seems insurmountable. And how to turn a setback into a comeback.

In this episode…

Tim and Dan share their most inspirational prayers and stories of loss and recovery.

How a mentor introduced both Dan and Tim to reading.

Tim’s love of talk shows and how he began to think like a producer and understand the topics people wanted to learn.

Don’t settle for an “almost” life.

How to get out of a rut by becoming awake, aware, taking inventory, and finding a partner

How Life Interruptions can wake us up to our circumstances.

How to become aware of our situations after we’ve woken up to the lack in our lives.

How to take inventory of your assets.

And how the power of partnerships can bring anyone out of their situation.

How Tim leverages ambition with the right motives to be successful.

And how your mindset is your VIP ticket to anywhere.

We hear the story about the advice that Tim got from Quincey Jones that motivated him to “do the assignment.”

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