Dan interviews Sarah Hiner, a health and wellness expert and CEO of Bottom Line Inc., about how to navigate a healthcare system that doesn’t want you healthy. In this wide-ranging conversation, they dive into parenting tips, whether anger and rage lead to illness, and how to advocate for yourself during a hospital visit.

How health care industry doesn’t want you healthy, because they make money by you being sick.

Critical information that you need to know if you ever go in the hospital to prevent you from becoming one of the 500,000 who die each year deaths due to medical errors. 

How to advocate for yourself during a hospital or doctor visit.

What you must absolutely do when taking your elderly parents to the hospital and why you shouldn’t let them go alone.

Biggest pitfalls in Health and wellness right now.

Can anger and rage destroy your physical health?

It’s OK to disagree but that doesn’t mean that love has to leave the room.

What’s it’s like to take over a successful family business and how her father decided which siblings would run the show.

How not everyone wants to be out front and some people’s dream is to be behind the scenes.

The pressure of running a small business today.

Sarah’s tools for staying centered and happy in an increasingly busy world. 

Different parenting styles and techniques that Dan and Sarah have learned over the last 25 years, and how to apply them to your life.

Eight-year-old Adrian’s 500 push up challenge this summer and how to build resilience in your kids and teach them to conquer seemingly impossible challenges.

Decide who you want to be and go out and prove it to yourself today

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