Ben Angel is the bestselling author of the groundbreaking new book, “Unstoppable” that introduces a revolutionary new approach to understanding depression, anxiety, and stress through the lens of neuroscience, psychology and biohacking.  In this episode Ben shares how in 2017 he became severely depressed, experienced crippling brain fog and fatigue, then went on a mission to biohack his way back to health by interviewing the world’s top neuroscientists, doctors, and biohackers.

Ben tells the story of how he went from Australian farm boy to motivational speaker.

Ben was at the top of his game when he suddenly feel into a state of depression.   

How you can do everything right in your life in regards to training, working out, practicing the right business fundamentals, sleeping enough, but if your biology is off, it won’t matter.

What Ben did when the Western medicine doctors didn’t have an answer to his ailments.

The two sides of the personal development coin.  The psychological and the biological.  And why we need to pay more attention to our biology.

How different biological triggers can mimic psychological disorders.

The 7 Tests bio tests you should take right now

Why the pharmacies and drug stores in America are filled with digestive aides, anti acids, etc while Australian, Canadian and New Zealand shelves don’t carry them.

The advertising that’s banned in Australia and New Zealand that constantly runs in America.

Functional and integrative doctors versus a typical Western Doctor.  The differences and advantages of both.

The unstoppable test on Ben Angel’s website that will predict if you’re a high achiever or if you should run off and see the doctor.

How to bust out from being and average performer to a top achiever, plus the traits and habits it takes.

The difference between knowing your purpose and claiming your purpose and why it’s so important.

The 10 minute morning visualization exercise to start your day.

Sleep hacks, plus the most important phase of sleep and the gadget that can track it for  you.

Dan shares the hilarious story from his first movie audition and how he nearly fainted.

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