Dr. Patti Johnson is marriage and family therapist who specializes in anxiety relief.  She is also the creator of EmMa, the emotional manager for anxiety app.  In this episode, tips and tools to manage anxiety, how to stay grounded in an increasingly turbulent world, sprinkled with communication blunders that blow up relationships. 

The difference between anxiety and stress and why anxiety is becoming such an epidemic today.

Where does anxiety come from?  The biological response in the body to anxiety and how it’s rooted deep in our evolution.  How what was meant as a biological reaction to keep us safe has become an epidemic.

Tips and tools for dealing with anxiety.

Social media and anxiety.  Dan’s prescription: chase smile not likes.

How to keep grounded in an increasingly volatile world.

The reactivity cycle in relationships – the habitual unconscious behaviors that lead to the survival emotions and how to break the pattern.

How using an invitation in conversations works a lot better than labeling.

The beauty of repair attempts in relationships.

The archaic ideal of “till death do us part” as the only metric to judge a successful relationship.

Do people in your life think since you’re a doctor of psychology that you’re always evaluating them.

Are all psychologist a little bit off?

Question and answer sessions where Doc Patti responds to listeners questions.

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