Hunter McIntyre – Hunter is a 6x Obstacle Course Racing World Champion, a 3x Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Champion, and a 2x Tough Mudder X Champion, a Crossfit Games Competitor, and one of Sport’s Illustrated Top 50 fittest Athletes.  In this episode, the journey from troubled teen to pro athlete, difference between obstacle course racing and Crossfit, training routines and much more.


Hunter recounts his path from troubled teen to a professional athlete.  As a kid with severe ADD he was medicated with Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine to control his his uncontrollable energy.

How at 14, recreational drugs and alcohol gave him some comfort but led to a downward spiral resulting in multiple suspensions, run ins with the law, to rehab incarceration and two years probation. 

Hunter shares what saved him and how he turned his life around.

The technique Hunter uses to visualizes his goals and the unique mantra he uses when training that helps him push through the grind.

How Hunter protects his inner peace.

Hunter’s daily training routine and schedule and sleep routines.

What it was like to move from endurance to Crossfit.  How the training was so different.

The Crossfit Games experience and what he learned by jumping in with the best crossfitters in the world.

Links from the Show

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